Latest news on Jade Cargill's status

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Latest news on Jade Cargill's status

Perhaps not many people know this, but Jade Cargill also auditioned with WWE before joining All Elite Wrestling thanks to her mentor Mark Henry who discovered her exactly as he did with Bianca Belair. Speaking at Busted Open, Mark Henry revealed that due to "financial considerations", the company has decided not to bring Jade Cargill to its women's roster to enrich him.

"I made that offer to them [WWE] but they just didn't want to give up control enough. You know, there were financial considerations and all that stuff that is personal information. But I also knew some people in All Elite Wrestling and I was on Team Jade, so I thought, 'Look, I've got someone for you if you want it, that's what's needed - and boom, they got it."

New details on Jade Cargill

During a guest interview on the Zaslow Show, Jade Cargill recounted how she approached professional wrestling and how her choice between WWE and AEW went: "I watched pro wrestling like everyone in the early 2000s, especially Attitude.

It was. I think this was one of the most exhilarating moments in wrestling. Growing up I watched him with my brother and sister. We fought in the garden, and we tried to beat people. Mark Henry found me working out, we have a mutual friend.

I went to an audition, I approached wrestling and since then I have never stopped. The tryout with WWE was a blessing, as I didn't realize how difficult it was to get an audition. For people who have always wanted to wrestle their whole life, this was a big deal.

I was very naïve when I went to audition because I've done other auditions before, and I've been in pressure situations. I've been asked to take the last shot in my basketball career tons of times, so I didn't see how much it meant to a lot of people.

They knew nothing about me and I was a rookie in terms of current wrestling knowledge. I chose AEW over WWE for a lot of reasons, and I know I made the best decision." While it's natural to believe that Jade Cargill is going to continue to dominate the AEW women's roster for the foreseeable future, there remains a variety of suitors in wait for dream matches in the promotion she originally tried out for, WWE.

Originally brought into the fold as the Diesel to Dakota Kai's Shawn Michaels, Gonzalez has blazed her path within NXT and stands on her own within the company. Gonzalez has gone on to claim wins over Rhea Ripley, Io Shirai, Ember Moon, and her former partner Dakota Kai, making her a dominant force in WWE NXT.