Becky Lynch reflects on her bizarre WWE debut

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Becky Lynch reflects on her bizarre WWE debut
Becky Lynch reflects on her bizarre WWE debut

Eight years ago one of the most prominent wrestlers on WWE's female roster made her debut at NXT, a debut that when viewed today is extremely laughable by how ridiculous it was. Obviously, we are talking about Becky Lynch who on June 26, 2014, entered the stage of the development brand for the first time, dancing like a little Irish elf, with a very stereotyped gimmick.

Of course, in the end, everything is part of the process and the path that led her to become a great worker and to be loved by the public, taking home numerous victories in the ring, memorably titled kingdoms and much more.

Becky Lynch recalls her WWE debut

Former RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch reacted to Big E wishing her well on her eighth anniversary in WWE. Yesterday, the former Raw champion entered her Twitter account to write a thought about that debut: "8 years ago I had perhaps the most shameful debut in NXT/WWE history.

Today I have accomplished almost everything I ever could. dream. And tonight I will be the main event as I always do in #wwehidalgo. Where you have been does not have to indicate where you will go." These beautiful words of the Irish wrestler must always remind us that even if in life we ​​go through difficult, ridiculous, dark moments, we absolutely must not be discouraged, but rather, they must be a stimulus to move forward and achieve our goals.

Maybe someday later, Lynch herself will look back at this moment as WWE decides to put her in the Hall Of Fame, which is sure to happen given what she's done, and she'll smile thinking about all the way that little girl who trained.

with Finn Bálor in Ireland and had a bigger dream than her. After this debut, Becky made a good journey at NXT without ever taking home the belt, before making her debut on July 13, 2015, on Raw together with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks and becoming a great champion, the protagonist of many beautiful matches, also historians, and a guide for the women's changing room who always praised her.

Lynch is one of the top stars in WWE's women's division. She played an integral part in the women's revolution and set the bar high for the future generation of female stars. Currently celebrating her eighth anniversary with WWE, Becky is a two-time RAW and a four-time SmackDown Women's Champion. Apart from that, she's also a Royal Rumble winner.

Becky Lynch

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