Dax Harwood: They said we were crybabies

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Dax Harwood: They said we were crybabies
Dax Harwood: They said we were crybabies

The Sasha Banks and Naomi incident has been a major topic for a long time, and it seems it will continue to be one of the major topics in the wrestling world. Dax Harwood spoke about their action which surprised the whole wrestling world.

He is not unfamiliar with such an act, given that he and Cash did the same thing and caused outrage among many. Harwood fully understands their action given that he also felt dissatisfied. “Cash and I did the same thing, and a lot of fans for some reason had decided that we were crybabies and we whined and we should have just done our job and shut up,” Harwood said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

Dax Harwood wasn't respected

Harwood wanted a lot more, and he felt like he wasn’t getting enough respect for what he was doing. Just such things frustrate wrestlers and lead them to what Sasha Banks and Naomi did. “If I would have just stuck around and stayed in the same position that we were in, there’s no way our brand would’ve grown,” Harwood continued.

“So I know exactly what she’s going through, what she’s feeling. And she probably was feeling that ‘I don’t feel respected and I could be doing way more and if I continue to stick around I’m going to continue to get pushed to the side.’” There are many who have criticized them and think that they did not need this procedure, but it is for these reasons that Harwood decided to support them.

Now they need it the most. “For fans to sh*t on her, or sh*t on us, because we want better for ourselves and tell us just to shut up and take the money, man that’s hard to read every day,” Dax Harwood said. “So that’s why I wanted to show that support to her.

Dax Harwood

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