Shayna Baszler discusses the women's division

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Shayna Baszler discusses the women's division
Shayna Baszler discusses the women's division (Provided by Wrestling World)

Shayna Baszler had a nice chat with reporter Ryan Satin on her Out Of Character podcast, and after talking about the fans who annoy her a lot when they insult her friend Ronda Rousey, she also talked a little about her time at NXT.

"I'm going to go to my deathbed and say that the women's locker room at the time we had, like around the first WarGames women's match, was the best women's locker room there has ever been in women's wrestling," said Shayna.

“I'm going to play it against All Japan Women. No matter who you pick from the locker room, you'd say, 'Oh, man, they'll get a match. That'll be cool.' Every girl was worth it. Plus, and that's a rarity in all female sports, they all got along.

There were no problems. Everyone just wanted to tell the best story. Everyone just wanted to put on the best match. You know, in hindsight, and we've said it in the last few years, things have changed a lot just because of the world in general and what happened, but we really took that for granted.

You never know you're in the best of times when you're in it, but man, some of my best friends have come out of that locker room."

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Former NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler recently made a brief appearance during the big launch of WWE's latest video game offering, WWE 2K22.

Baszler shared an intriguing story about what made her pursue a career as a professional wrestler. The former NXT champion also gave her take on managing her character in development territory: "Fans were like, 'Who is this Shayna? Shayna is a bulla and they should be an anti-bullying company.'

It's like Yes. You should feel that way. How frustrating it is to support this company that is anti-bullying, and no one can stop the bully. When real things are heard, I wish more fans would take a step back and say, 'Whoa, I was totally fooled for a second.'

You know what I mean? At the time, we were all good friends in the locker room. Everyone was like, 'Shayna is ruining everything.' And I was like, 'You've been fooled. We did a good job. "When you feel real things about wrestling, you have to take a step back, no matter what it is." As per Baszler, a short chat with Ronda Rousey's mom resulted in a WWE career for The Queen Of Spades: "Actually, this is a great story.

I was living with Ronda. The four of us were living in the same house with Ronda. We were training in the same gym, in MMA. I reserved the TV every Monday. I think SmackDown was on Thursdays back then? I can't remember exactly. But I'd have RAW and SmackDown reserved to watch. Every week, I'd plan my training around that. By proxy, the other girls would come, and got sucked in."

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