What's next for John Cena?

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What's next for John Cena?

Reports came in that that during the episode of Monday Night Raw aired this week, aimed at celebrating John Cena's 20-year career in WWE, many Superstars of the past wanted to pay homage to him with some home movies. Among the many WWE faces, we have seen Kurt Angle, Trish Stratus, Triple H and so on.

The particular thing, however, is that three stars who are currently under contract with All Elite Wrestling have also appeared in this way, namely Bryan Danielson, Paul Wight (Big Show) and Chris Jericho. Obviously, this thing surprised the WWE Universe a lot, as it seems really strange to see wrestlers of a rival company doing this thing, but sometimes, as happened also between WWE and IMPACT, it is necessary to do certain things to celebrate something that everyone has in common and John Cena has been as important a part of these people's careers as they have been in his.

John Cena appeared on Raw

WWE legend Kurt Angle recently opened up about his favorite match against John Cena. According to our colleagues at Fightful Select, this was all possible because WWE contacted Tony Khan to ask for his permission, permission the Jacksonville-based company's CEO granted.

Given the circumstances surrounding the videos, rumors report that Khan said he agreed with the content and gave him approval. A WWE source told Fightful that they were able to get everyone they hoped to have in these John Cena greeting videos.

We remind you that for, for example, Chris Jericho this is not the first "return" in WWE, in fact, the wrestler had already been a guest on the Broken Skull Sessions podcast by Stone Cold Steve Austin which we remember being a WWE product that airs on the WWE Network.

Even if maybe it was a special occasion and we don't know when it could happen again, this is a really good sign that must reach the fans, that is, that there is no competition when we are all united by the same passion.

Professional wrestling must unite and not divide and this is possible thanks also to special people like John Cena who have given so much to this business. "I would say probably where I made him tap. I believe it may have been No Mercy 2003.

We had a really good match. John stayed with me and worked really hard. He hit all his moves. The match was magic and one of my favorite matches. All my favorite matches though are when I make someone tap out," Angle joked.