Backstage news on Kevin Owens' status

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Backstage news on Kevin Owens' status

In recent weeks, one of the characters who has made WWE Universe fans chatter about the strangeness of the storyline in which he is involved with the company is undoubtedly Ezekiel, Elias's younger brother, again according to the Stamford federation storyline, but that in reality, he is just the same person, as Kevin Owens asserts from the first day the wrestler appeared in the WWE rings, immediately after Wrestlemania 38.

From then on, a feud was born between the two that still goes on, with the episode of Monday Night Raw last week, which was fundamental for Owens' sanity, given that both athletes, Elias and Ezekiel, they were supposed to appear during the show, to show that they are both distinct and separate people, which the Canadian hasn't believed in the slightest from day one.

Before stepping into the ring for his usual gig, Elias appeared in an obviously pre-recorded WWE backstage segment of the show, in the company of his brother Ezekiel. Obviously the whole thing was artificially built with two overlapping videos of the wrestler, but to which the fans gave a great following, only to go against the WWE Prizefighter, now in full frenzy.

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In the episode that aired this week, Kevin Owens should have gone to fight once again against Ezekiel or against Elias or whatever name the wrestler took this time, with the appearance of the Prizefighter who instead jumped apparently for no reason.

As reported by Dave Meltzer in one of his latest Wrestling Observer update newsletters, instead: "Kevin Owens, whatever the situation is minor, but he wasn't at the show anyway and that's why Ezekiel and his match didn't go on stage and I think it must be for the last free space of the Money in the Bank ladder match."

In the end, Ezekiel appeared only in a short segment of the red show, while he was going to introduce himself to John Cena, with the episode that was dedicated to the 20 years of activity of the leader of the Chain Gang, who in theory did not yet have to know Ezekiel, although he knew Elias very well already.

Although the two have faced each other in previous months, it seems like the two men are still unable to bury the hatchet. The former Universal Champion was scheduled to face Ezekiel, Elias, or Elrod on the latest episode of RAW.

Unfortunately, it was then announced during the latest episode of RAW that the match will be "rescheduled." A potential date on when the match will take place was not given.