Dana Brooke had an unexpected event

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Dana Brooke had an unexpected event

In recent weeks, several WWE Superstars have had to be absent due to injury or other problems that have led them not to appear in front of the cameras of the McMahon-owned company, with one of the most important names being certainly that of Big E, former champion WWE World Cup, who is still struggling with a double neck fracture remedied at Smackdown.

Even in the very last week, we saw not one but two defections from Monday Night Raw, with Kevin Owens supposedly taking part in the show, for his umpteenth clash with Ezekiel and 24/7 champion, Dana Brooke, who are not. appeared in the ring, nor in the backstage of the federation.

Apparently, the Canadian's said to have had a small setback that prevented him from being present on Raw, while instead the 24/7 champion would have had a great scare, because last week he would have had a car accident from which he has yet to recover at 100% physically.

Dana Brooke thanks the fans

Through her official Twitter page, Dana Brooke wanted to thank all those fans who expressed concern and doubts about her absence from Raw, with the girl who skipped the tapings due to an accident, as the girl herself wanted to confirm.

in his speech. "So much love for the WWE Universe for support and love, they cared about me! The reason I wasn't at RAW (on Monday) is that I had a bad car accident last week, I'm fine and I'll be back in no time!

I really appreciated the love so much and I couldn't have asked for more or better support from the fans." Although the girl says she is better, apparently there would have been a physical backlash and it would have been pretty big too, with the girl who in a week was unable to fully recover to be able to be part of the WWE flag show, a sign that some small problems still grips her.

We hope that Dana will recover as soon as possible, so that she can review the funny skits dedicated to the WWE 24/7 Championship, live every week on Monday Night Raw. As part of a recent interview with Fightful, Dana Brooke made it clear that she would love to have Ulysses Diaz in WWE.

"I would absolutely love that," Dana told Fightful. "Every day he trains. I see him fighting. I know what he’s capable of. Definitely, [I see him in] WWE in the near future. I foresee it at least. He’s done every combat sport there is besides WWE.

So, I feel as though that’s the last step and then once he’s in there he’s gonna be set. Maybe he’d like some mixed match tag efforts. Then I’ll be in his corner and he can be in mine."