Are Sasha Banks and Naomi still under contract with WWE?

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Are Sasha Banks and Naomi still under contract with WWE?

Sasha Banks and Naomi, former tag team champions of the WWE main roster, had left the arena where the Monday Night Raw show was to be held, on May 16 after a big disagreement on the direction of their booking, with all the creative team and in especially with Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis.

In fact, initially the booking of the evening provided for the participation of both women in a six-pack challenge match in the main event to decree the number one contender for the Raw title held by Bianca Belair, with Naomi who should have even won the contest, so their release forced the backstage team to quickly change the script, airing a simple 1 vs 1 between Asuka and Becky Lynch.

In the last few weeks, WWE has literally burnt earth around its two athletes, eliminating them from any on-screen and off-screen references and also eliminating their Facebook pages and references in the official WWE Shop, where their items have disappeared and gadgets for sale.

Update on Sasha Banks and Naomi

Sasha Banks and Naomi won the Women's Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 38. On the March 16th episode of RAW, the two left their belts on the table of the then VP of Talent Relations, John Laurinaitis, and walked out on the company.

WWE has since stripped the duo of their tag titles and has suspended them indefinitely. As reported by Mike Johnson of the PW Insider, it would seem that the WWE has not yet had the opportunity to eliminate the two athletes from the internal roster, perhaps because it is still not clear what will happen to the two, given that the affair has ended in the hands of the lawyers for the two girls, who are working to free them from the agreement with the McMahons.

In his latest update, Johnson said: "For those who keep asking, until this morning, Sasha Banks and Naomi remained on the list of active WWE Superstars on the internal roster. There hasn't been any kind of change in their status made since they left Raw several weeks ago, in the middle of the tapings.

They have not even been officially released yet." The two athletes remain in a still indecipherable limbo, with their future that could easily be in the rings of another company, as in the WWE rings of McMahon, once the problems that seemed to have been resolved unsolvable in the beginning.