Raw: Riddle proves he's ready

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Raw: Riddle proves he's ready

Welcome, everyone to the Monday Night RAW report, the last stop before the Money In The Bank dispute! The episode begins immediately with JOHN CENA who greets the whole roster backstage and is welcomed as a hero. It starts immediately with a Battle Royal to decree the last participant of the red show in the men's MITB Ladder Match!

-Money In The Bank Qualifying Battle Royal The challenge lights up in the middle after the sensational elimination of VEER MAHAN! Mizanin seems to be the one more on the ball and manages to send REY MYSTERIO out, but shortly after THE MIZ is injured after an air attack and is called out of contention!

Meanwhile, JINDER MAHAL betrays the dancer SHANKY and RIDDLE takes out SHINSUKE NAKAMURA! RICOCHET is also looking for victory, but is eliminated at the best by AJ STYLES! The Phenomenal One and the Original Bro remain in the ring, with the two-time WWE champion testing the PHENOMENAL FOREARM ...

BUT MIZ ARRIVES AND ELIMINATES HIM!!! After several mid-carders were taken out of the match, it was down to AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Riddle, and Ricochet. The Miz eliminated Styles, after which Riddle struck the A-Lister with an RKO and sent him outside to pick up the win.

Riddle doesn't give up

THE MIZ HAS FAULTED THE INJURY AND NOW ATTACKS RIDDLE !!! The two battle it out, with the Awesome performing his FINAL SKULL CRASHING and putting Riddle on the ropes! Neither of them wants to leave the ring ...

RKO DI RIDDLE AND MIZ IS ELIMINATED !!! RIDDLE WINS BATTLE ROYAL AND QUALIFIES FOR THE MITB LADDER MATCH !!! Backstage we see STREET PROFITS meeting JOHN CENA and asking for help on Saturday's match against Usos. The leader of the Cenation quotes a phrase from the film "Back to the future" and the two funny guys seem to be more charged than ever!

The USOS UNIFIED COUPLE CHAMPIONS arrive in the ring, while a movie starts where TRIPLE H, SHAWN MICHAELS, TRISH STRATUS, BIG SHOW, BOOKER T and DANIEL BRYAN pay tribute to Cena! Backstage we find Kevin Patrick interviewing RIDDLE, who thanks John Cena and dedicates the victory to Randy Orton!

-Undisputed Tag Team Champion Jey Uso w Jimmy Uso Vs Montez Ford w Angelo Dawkins Ford's screams made me die during the match, which lights up in the finale! Montez comes close to success after a Standing Blockbuster and tries the FROG SPLASH… BUT JIMMY DISTRACTS HIM !!!

Angelo is not there to watch and attacks Jimmy, while Jey performs a Suicide Dive, but Ford sends him into the barriers! Montez feels the air of victory and brings Jey's carcass back into the ring and… FROG SPLASH !!!

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