Raw: Becky Lynch got her revenge

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Raw: Becky Lynch got her revenge

The third and last part of RAW opens backstage we see interviewed LIV MORGAN and ALEXA BLISS, with the two friends who provoke each other (in the face of friendship) in view of the MITB Ladder Match on Saturday and the two are ready to do battle between little!

-Alexa Bliss Vs Liv Morgan While at the comment table we find ASUKA, Bliss attempts a Dropkick, but she only gets a count of one! Test her reaction Liv, who performs an Enzeguri Kick and wants to close with her OBLIVION… BUT ALEXA ROLLS IT ALL INTO A ROLLUP… 1… 2… 3 !!!

VINCE MCMAHON arrives in the ring, who has been appearing almost always without a real reason since the scandal came out. The former Chairman and the entire WWE roster welcomes JOHN CENA !!! The leader of the Cenation makes a long speech in which he thanks the audience for these 20 years, stating that he does not know when he will be back in the ring, but that this will not be his last time!

The 16-time world champion spurs Laredo's arena and walks away throwing a cap and cuffs! -1 Vs 2 Handicap Match with Austin Theory special enforcer: Bobby Lashley Vs Alpha Academy Bobby immediately gets into trouble and ends up outside the ring, suffering a Big Splash from Otis outside the square.

Tamina was eliminated by Doudrop early on and the two women exchanged some big moves. Becky Lynch hit Xia Li with the Manhandle Slam and eliminated her from the match. After Doudrop eliminated Baszler, it was down to her and Lynch.

Becky Lynch redeems herself

Becky Lynch took Doudrop to the top rope and hit the Manhandle Slam from up there before picking up the win. Lashley sketches a reaction, but the duo still manage to knock out the Allmighty! Otis tries another attack, but Bobby incredibly manages an ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP FROM THE THIRD ROPE !!!

Gable tries a jump ... BUT IS CLOSED IN THE HURT LOCK ... AND GIVES UP !!! Lashley is not celebrating because AUSTIN THEORY attacks him right away! The three beat Bobby and the US champion is about to take a selfie, while the audience calls out to John Cena… BUT BOBBY LASHLEY FREE AND… SPEAR ON CHAD GABLE !!!

Theory has already escaped, as Lashley watches him and prepares for Saturday! After the images of the Hell In A Cell Match between Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes, let's see a video where CODY RHODES is interviewed in the Atlanta medical center!

The American Nightmare claims to have dared too much and unfortunately will have to stay out for 9 months, missing one of the most spectacular MITB Ladder Matches of recent years! Also, Cody says he won't cheer for anyone, but he will congratulate Seth Rollins on success!