Eric Bischoff on Kevin Owens: “Who thought that Kevin Owens would be..?"

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Eric Bischoff on Kevin Owens: “Who thought that Kevin Owens would be..?"

Kevin Owens is a wrestler who has impressed many with his dedication and quality. Eric Bischoff spoke precisely about his qualities and the expectations they had of him. He thinks no one could have guessed that Owens would become so famous.

“Who thought that Kevin Owens would be the level of star he is in WWE three years ago?” Bischoff said for wrestlinginc.
“I’m not talking about whether you liked Kevin Owens or didn’t like Kevin Owens.

A lot of people really loved Kevin Owens, a lot of people wanted Kevin Owens to be in that spot, but how many people really believed he would? Probably not a lot”.

Eric Bischoff on the duel: Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon

Bischoff also recalled the duel between Owens and Shane McMahon.

It was not easy for Owens to prepare for such a match. “I got to know Kevin really well,” he said. “Kevin and I are friends, and I don’t think he’d mind if I’d share this because it’s a compliment, and I mean it out of respect, but Kevin had a hard time of getting out of Kevin’s head when I was working with him … I’m not going to get into it because it’s just backstage stuff, but it was a tough spot [for] Kevin because it was Shane, and I’m tight with Shane too.

Shane’s a good dude, but it wasn’t easy in some ways”. WWE and Kevin Owens did a good job. It is noticeable that Owens worked hard on himself, was ready for all challenges and because of that, he became a big star today.

Of course, Owens always wants a step further. “They together have done an amazing job of elevating Kevin Owens to a point where he’s gonna be a much bigger name in WWE two years from now than he is now, Bischoff said. “And he’s already a big name”.