Brian Kendrick on talking to Tony Khan after conspiracy theories

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Brian Kendrick on talking to Tony Khan after conspiracy theories

Brian Kendrick was supposed to hold a match against Jon Moxley a few months ago, however, his comments which were in fact conspiracy theories cost him the match. Tony Khan decided to remove him, and Kendrick had something to say about it: “Talked with Tony Khan on the phone, they made my music, I had an entrance and everything was ready to go,” Kendrick said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“Show up to Chicago in my wrestling gear, a few hours from going out there and performing, I get a call from their lawyer … She goes, ‘Is it true?’ I go, ‘Is what true?’ She goes, ‘There’s this video out there’ … ‘There’s some pretty salacious stuff about the Holocaust, about Sandy Hook’, and I go, ‘Oh, mfer, I know exactly what you’re talking about.’” “And that was it,” Kendrick continued.

“She goes, ‘I think we’re going to have to pull you from the show.’ I said ‘I understand.’ I text Bryan Danielson. I say, ‘Hey buddy, sorry for the embarrassment’ … Then I get a call from Sonjay Dutt, go in to meet him and Bryan Danielson, Tony Khan, … [Tony] says, ‘I apologize, you know, I don’t think this would’ve happened if you wouldn’t have quit your job [at WWE] and came here, but this is what we’re dealing with right now.

So I think it’s for the best if you grab your gear and you leave’”.

Brian Kendrick's Mistake

One mistake cost him a lot, and the question is where he will end up now. “As far as the business goes, Tony doesn’t know me from nothing,” Kendrick said.

“He just knows me as a headache walking in … I officially got released on May 1st, so there was about three months in limbo, being quasi-employed”. He tried to attract attention with his theories, but it turned out that he had made a big mistake of which he is aware.

“The truth is I don’t really believe in anything,” Brian Kendrick stated. “As far as like, with the Holocaust stuff, for example, you know, how could I say such things. Well, I said them because they’re salacious. I said them to get a rise out of people … What it was, was me trying to profit off of it”.