William Regal: I made the biggest profit thanks to that WWE wrestler

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William Regal: I made the biggest profit thanks to that WWE wrestler

William Regal has had encounters with various wrestlers in his long career. Many had great careers and were ‘bait’ for money, but one wrestler stood out in particular, and Regal had the biggest profit thanks to him.

It's John Cena. “I’ve been lucky to ride off the coattails of a huge amount of people. I have road on the coattails of all the top people in WCW,” Regal said. "My pay was different in WWE, where I was paid off the attendance.

I was lucky enough to be on shows with Steve Austin and The Rock and The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and all these incredible people,” Regal said "But ultimately, there’s nobody that has made me as much money as John Cena,”

William Regal praises John Cena

A lot of wrestlers went through the organization, left a mark, and then disappeared.

John Cena is one of those who stayed at the top the longest, the crowd loved him, and they enjoyed watching his every fight. “A lot of those fellas came and they were huge, incredible, massive stars for a few years, for three or four years, and they’re still huge massive stars, but they all went in different directions.

John stayed the course”. William Regal is grateful to John Cena for everything because he is the reason why Regal made so much money, but besides that John Cena was a fair man, who respected his associates and always gave his maximum to the very end.

That's why he managed to stay on top for so long. "It was out of sheer luck that I seemingly always found myself on the same shows as Cena during a ten-year run. He was making my family more money than any of the previous superstars that were topping the bill throughout my career. Nobody can say a bad word to me about John Cena”.