Ronda Rousey makes a sensational revelation about her WWE return

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Ronda Rousey makes a sensational revelation about her WWE return
Ronda Rousey makes a sensational revelation about her WWE return

Ronda Rousey adapted to wrestling with surprising ease, wowing fans and insiders alike. After becoming an icon of mixed martial arts, the Riverside champion decided to enter the world of wrestling to general amazement. 'Rowdy' signed her first WWE deal in early 2018, before making her WrestleMania 34 debut.

legendary Kurt Angle. On August 19th, at SummerSlam, she won the Raw Women's Championship and held it for 232 days. After nearly three years of inactivity, Rousey returned on January 29, 2022, to win the women's Royal Rumble match.

Her magical year continued at WrestleMania Backlash, where she snatched the title of SmackDown from Charlotte Flair's hands. Interviewed by Daniel Cormier for 'The DC Check In', Ronda revealed that she should return to WWE as a heel.

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"Earlier this year, I should have returned to WWE as a heel. Vince McMahon changed his mind after hearing the crowd's reaction to me. I was expecting boos from the WWE Universe. When I realized that everyone was cheering me, I was quite surprised.

I didn't fully enjoy that moment because I expected to receive insults from people. The truth is, you never know how the fans will react” - said Ronda Rousey. Former WWE manager Jim Cornette threw a stab at the SmackDown champion: “Rousey is back in the ring without spending enough time on training, I'd say it's pretty obvious.

I'm starting to think that Ronda does what is most convenient for her at the time. After becoming a big star in the world of MMA, she was presented with the chance to make a ton of money by signing a deal with WWE and she didn't think twice.

She is not interested in this business." WWE correspondent Megan Morant caught up with Natalya on Talking Smack. Nattie proclaimed that she was the Best of All Time and that nobody could touch her. The 40-year-old made it clear that she won't allow Ronda Rousey to look down on her: "Megan, let me cut to the chase because you're mumbling.

So tonight I beat five other women to get an opportunity at the SmackDown Women's Championship. And why did that happen, Megan? They're five extremely talented women. I beat them because I'm the best of all time. 647 wins and nobody is even close to touching me. And I saw Ronda, I saw that smirk a mile away. Ronda has no idea that I'm out for blood. I'm onto Ronda."

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