Kurt Angle: He is my Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestlers

“Stone Cold Steve Austin, what an underrated wrestler, because his character was so strong."

by Sead Dedovic
Kurt Angle: He is my Mount Rushmore of Pro Wrestlers

Kurt Angle in an interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston was asked to name his Mount Rushmore of a professional wrestler. “It’s really difficult,” Angle said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc. “If you could give me ten people I could pick, that would be easier.

But if I had to pick a Mount Rushmore, for the first time in my life, I’m going to include myself. I’ve never done that before. Daniel Bryan [AEW’s Bryan Danielson] is definitely up there." There are many great wrestlers, but Angle singled out a few who particularly impressed him.

“Stone Cold Steve Austin, what an underrated wrestler because his character was so strong. He was the ass-kicker, the beer drinker, but he could back it up in the ring. He was really good. And also Undertaker. What an incredible athlete for his size.

I had so many great matches with him. I really enjoyed working with him, as well”.

Kurt Angle on Roman Reigns

Kurt Angle recently mentioned Roman Reigns and his influence in WWE. In the future, reigns may also compete for the Mount Rushmore Of Pro Wrestlers.

Considering his career, that might not be so strange. "I have a lot of respect for Roman Reigns, having managed to reverse the inertia and keep his talent from going to waste. Vince McMahon invested a lot in him at first, but Roman was not ready and fans started to hate him.

It wasn't easy to get out of that hole, it was really deep. He not only came out of it, but he proved to be the best performer around” When Vince wants to push someone and the fans think he doesn't deserve it, they're going to haunt that athlete for a while.

That's exactly what happened to Reigns. Now things have changed, he has earned everyone's respect” - added Kurt Angle.

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