Natalya: “I believe that I am at the root of greatness in WWE"

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Natalya: “I believe that I am at the root of greatness in WWE"

The great wrestler, Natalya, spoke to "After the Bell with Corey Graves" about her WWE career and what she has achieved. Natalya thinks that she had too much influence on others. “I believe that I am at the root of greatness in the women’s division in the WWE,” Natalya said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

“Every woman that has done really great things in WWE, with the exception of Bianca because Bianca … these women have started working with me. Like Charlotte Flair, for example, you know, I had a match with her in 2014 when nobody believed in her … I remember having a heart-to-heart with her, saying, ‘The second that I started blazing my own trail in WWE was the second that I started realizing my potential.’”

Natalya on Triple H

Triple H is a person who has a lot of understanding for others and has given them a lot of freedom.

“Triple H gave us no restraints. He said, ‘You guys won’t have a time limit,’” Natalya said. “It was the first time in my WWE career that I had anybody say, ‘Just go out there and do your thing.

Just go out there and make magic … Charlotte rose to the occasion. Triple H let us have our time. We went like, over 20 minutes, we weren’t rushed, and we had time to tell a story. I could just wrestle without being afraid, and again, I just felt so proud that I could pass that torch on to Charlotte.

I do feel proud of the women I’ve worked with”. Ronda Rousey will be her next challenge, and she believes in winning. “I’ve held Ronda by the hand,” Natalya said. “I’ll do it again at Money in the Bank when I tap her out and put her Sharpshooter. She’s never been tapped out before, but nobody knows her weaknesses like I do”.