Titus O'Neil returns to the ring: It’ll definitely happen at the right time

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Titus O'Neil returns to the ring: It’ll definitely happen at the right time

Titus O'Neil spoke to Wrestling Inc.' s own Nick Hausman about a potential return to the WWE ring. He currently holds the position of Global Ambassador of WWE and is focused on that. However, there is an option to see him in the ring again, and that would be really great.

“We’re [he and WWE] are talking about some things, I won’t say how soon but it’ll definitely happen at the right time. But I’m very, very committed to continuing to be the best Global Ambassador that I can possibly be.

Every situation that I’ve ever been placed in, in WWE, I’ve always strived to make the best of it."- he said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

Titus O'Neil on WWE

Titus O'Neil has done a lot for the WWE as an organization, he left his mark countless times, and showed loyalty, dedication and love to the strongest wrestling organization "This is the most important role that I’ll ever have in the company, regardless of when I come back to the ring and win a title or win two titles or whatever it may be, I’m already in the history books as a Hall of Famer as a Warrior Award recipient and will continue to be celebrated for being significant." Titus O'Neil has shown that the job of a global ambassador is also doing great.

WWE leaders are aware that they have a reliable man in such a position, and his charisma and quality, as well as his willingness to help, have never been questioned. "Success, I’ve already done that 10,000 times over but I want to continue to remain significant and be able to leave a lasting impression on each and every individual that I touch, whether it be interviewees or children or families or co-workers, just continuing to be that positive person to be around that hopefully empowers them to want to go out and do something amazing”.