Cody Rhodes could take on a different role

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Cody Rhodes could take on a different role

Cody Rhodes was one of the great protagonists of this first part of 2022. 'The American Nightmare' returned to WWE after six years of absence, immediately proving to be one of the best wrestlers around. In addition to repeatedly defeating Seth Rollins, the former AEW star has expressed a desire to become a world champion in the near future.

Despite a serious chest muscle injury, Cody stepped into the ring at Hell in a Cell leaving everyone speechless. Fans and insiders were speechless in front of Rhodes' courage, who put his health at risk to take part in the main event.

The former Intercontinental champion will have to remain in the pits for several months, even though he is doing everything to shorten the time. In the latest edition of the 'Drive Thru' podcast, Jim Cornette outlined how WWE could use Cody during this time.

Cody Rhodes made his return to WWE

"It would not be a bad idea at all to use Cody Rhodes as general manager during his recovery from injury" - explained Cornette. “Cody is an authoritative figure and he's great at the microphone, he knows how to engage the fans.

It would be fantastic if they allowed him to interact with the best performers on the roster, we would certainly see some good ones” - he added. Jim also spoke of Brock Lesnar’s yet another return: “There have been some unexpected events in the last few weeks.

We have learned that Randy Orton's back injury is more serious than expected and that he would be out for the rest of 2022 in the event of an operation. Previously, Cody Rhodes had been injured, but it didn't stop him from getting into the ring at Hell in a Cell.

Randy and Cody were two of the main attractions and WWE had big plans for them. In the face of these events, the company had to make quick decisions ahead of SummerSlam. They've already moved Money in the Bank from the stadium to the arena, they don't want to do the same for SummerSlam.

This is how the return of the Beast is explained." Cody Rhodes made his return to WWE at WrestleMania 38 and has already established himself as one of the most important superstars on the roster. He very quickly became the face of RAW in a large portion of WWE's advertisements.

He was also a favorite to win this year's Money in the Bank before his injury. A recent report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that Cody could be treated like WWE Hall of Famer Triple H upon his return.