Bianca Belair asks for more respect

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Bianca Belair asks for more respect

As we all know Bianca Belair was not exactly born in the world of professional wrestling, in fact, the wrestler during her adolescence did many sports such as track and field and weightlifting, but now that she is in WWE she feels part of this world and has the desire, for herself and all her colleagues, to receive some respect.

WWE SmackDown Women's champion Bianca Belair, in a one-on-one with ViBe & wrestling, shared her newfound admiration for decorated gymnast Simone Biles.

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Speaking to Sports Illustrated, EST said she understands the criticism because it's not from the WWE world, but now that it's in it, she wants that respect: "I try not to offend myself because I'm not from the WWE world.

You know, I didn't grow up watching wrestling. I never aspired to be a WWE superstar. I wanted to be an Olympic athlete, I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast, and I have been an athlete all my life. So I understand what it looks like from the outside.

But now that I'm in WWE, and I'm a WWE superstar, all I have to say is not… I mean, athletes, have some respect for us. It was really cool when I had the main event at WrestleMania 37. I was the first black woman to be able to attend the WrestleMania main event and we won an ESPY for that match, and we [she and Sasha Banks ed.] Got recognized.

in the world of sport as we are changing history. And I want to be part of it. I want to be part of the change because we're not just WWE superstars. We are not just fighters. We are athletes, we are actors, we are entertainers, we are icons, we are representatives, we are activists.

We do it all. Like we're out there making high-risk moves. I'm in the ring, doing 450 flips from the top rope, but also lifting by carrying girls over my head in 30-minute matches. I'm doing five-minute, eight-minute promos where we don't have the hunchbacks, we memorize them for five or eight minutes, and do these hybrid skill moves, and do it live on TV.

So we are experts at what we do." Bianca Belair stressed that athletes are human as well, and sometimes it is okay to prioritize the human aspect over the competition. "Simone Biles is so inspiring in what she did, especially on such a big stage.

She allowed herself to be vulnerable and put her mental health before her physical abilities and that speaks volumes, as well as the team and the coaches that she had, the fact that they were able to support her and went out there to support her and they still won the medal."