Santino Marella takes a shot at WWE

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Santino Marella takes a shot at WWE
Santino Marella takes a shot at WWE (Provided by Wrestling World)

WWE has almost refused to assign family surnames to some wrestlers who are now part of the roster lately, especially those who arrived at the Performance Center around the time of NXT 2.0, so the fresher ones who are building their own identities.

The beauty of it is that if she had done so she would have been criticized and accused of bringing in the company of recommended wrestlers who are only there for their surname, as has happened a thousand times with Charlotte Flair.

But she is still criticized even if she doesn't do it because then the management is not smart enough to exploit these surnames and it takes away the prestige and a chance for wrestlers to be successful in the future. Santino Marella's (real-life Anthony Carelli) daughter Bianca Carelli, now known as Arianna Grace in WWE, has officially been confirmed for the inaugural NXT Women’s Breakout tournament.

Former WWE Superstar Santino Marella, who happens to be the father of NXT wrestler Arianna Grace, talked about the names on the Monday Mailbag with Mike Chioda, and explained why he disagrees with not using the surnames of family.

Santino Marella slams WWE

"I wish someone could explain the logic behind it. Okay, if my daughter was Arianna Marella, I don't see any problem. They started with Curtis Axel, Mr. Perfect's son, but everyone knew who he was. there is some fairness in being the second generation, but it's great for her too because when you're a second or third-generation wrestler, it's really important for them to know that they have earned this and not just getting a pass because of who their parents are.

I remember being with Cody [Rhodes] on OVW and the worst thing you can ever say to Cody, the most painful thing you can ever tell him is, 'You don't deserve this, you're only here because of your dad. 'I saw someone tell him once and I felt so bad for him.

I think that's why he always goes further because, without a shadow of a doubt, he knows he did it for his merits." In an Instagram post, Santino Marella spoke about signing with the sports entertainment giant, stating that she's honored to be a part of something so special and magical.

"From this moment on, every ounce of my soul will be focused on becoming the best that I can be for myself, for my family, for the WWE universe and every single person on this planet. I want to inspire others to love themselves, love others and believe that they can do anything they want if they give it their best try.

Life is short, we gotta make the most of it and I’m so excited for you all to follow along this journey with me."

Santino Marella