Is Bayley very close to returning to WWE?

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Is Bayley very close to returning to WWE?

After weeks of silence, in which Bayley only made fun of her fans or those who insisted on seeing her in the company rings and to which Bayley had replied by saying that they had no idea how long it would take to recover from an injury.

In the last period the WWE Role Model had wanted to break her silence. With these few but clear enough words, Bayley had made it clear how in this 2022 that she reaches the middle of her, she is about to return to perform. The problem is that from that distant May 15th to today, there has been no trace of Bayley in the WWE rings, nor active on the square, nor on the big screen of the weekly shows, with the former champion of the blue show.

and tag team on the main roster, which is not yet known when it will be able to return to perform in the McMahon ring, after losing a full year of action from the Stamford company's television screens.

What's next for Bayley?

In one of his latest daily updates coming to the Wrestling Observer microphones, Dave Meltzer, wanted to confirm with enough certainty that Bayley's return to the ring is much closer than it seems, with the latest rumors that they wanted her ready for action already from the Royal Rumble in January, just like Asuka.

After undergoing surgery on her knee cruciate ligament, which was ruptured in a workout at the Performance Center, Bayley would be confirmed as "coming back soon" according to Meltzer, with her sources inside WWE unable to provide further information.

merit, but it is thought that within a few weeks if not a few days the athlete will be able to return. All eyes will now be on Money in the Bank and in the case, also in Summerslam, the next two major paid events of the WWE, in which the federation could insert the return of Bayley as a major attraction, after a full year of absence from the competitions that count of McMahon, with fans who can't wait to see her again in the ring.

Carmella will face RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank this weekend. Meanwhile, she has also been trading shots with The Role Model on social media. The two women have engaged in banter recently, giving rise to theories of a possible feud between the two when the 33-year-old returns.

Bayley was seen dancing at Carmella's wedding last month and appeared to be in good spirits as she works towards her in-ring return. Back in March, it was revealed that Bayley was expected to make her return to the company post-WrestleMania, but recent issues in the Women's Division could have led to a delay.