Did WWE move John Cena's return to the ring?

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Did WWE move John Cena's return to the ring?

This Monday Night Raw was the location of the celebration of John Cena's 20 years in the rings of the WWE. Once in the ring, John told fans that he doesn't know when he will be able to return to the ring to fight and that he is now 45 and therefore his performances may be numbered by now.

At this juncture, many wondered if Austin Theory would come out from backstage, get into the ring and attack the leader of the Chain Gang but it didn't happen, even if the two had a very brief confrontation backstage. This has, however, led fans to think that at Summerslam we will almost certainly see this long-awaited match between Cena and Theory, long sought by the two.

John Cena is a global myth

Apparently, all the clues that have emerged, or rather that have not emerged from the WWE circles, would however suggest that John Cena will not show up at the next most important WWE summer PPV, or Summerslam.

As happened for his appearance on Monday Night Raw, in fact, the WWE decided to announce the return of the Leader of the Chain Gang to the show well before, so as to be able to increase the hype towards the fans and also to try to sell some tickets.

in addition to events, which happens systematically every time Cena or a very big name like The Rock returns to the scene with WWE. According to what Dave Meltzer analyzed and hypothesized in the latest update of the Wrestling Observer, in fact: "At one point the idea was to have John Cena vs Austin Theory and we got a taste of it this week on TV.

However, Cena hasn't been announced for any TV dates in the next few weeks and we saw in Laredo how that move immediately sold more tickets, because he was announced for the show, he still manages to move a lot of tickets...

So it doesn't make any sense not to advertise it. But they will surely make the match sooner or later, thanks to that angle. So that match, which is clearly the direction they will follow, may now have been moved to Wrestlemania."