Solo Sikoa close to debuting on the main roster

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Solo Sikoa close to debuting on the main roster

After having managed in a few months to break through the hearts of several members of the WWE Universe and the NXT Universe, Solo Sikoa has also begun to ring important victories in that of the third WWE brand, but for the moment still not managing to win a title of the federation.

Apparently, however, initially, the plans for Solo weren't those seen so far at NXT, with the WWE color show athlete having to be joined right away by the older brothers, the Usos twins, directly on the main roster. of the federation.

To reveal these plans, it was Solo, in his last interview with BT Sport, to which the wrestler had revealed that he had asked the WWE management to start from the bottom and especially in single, so as to be known by the WWE Universe for his skills in the ring and not just because "brother of" or "cousin of".

Apparently, though, the plans WWE originally had for him may have been pulled out again, with the athlete soon making his quantum leap to the WWE main roster.

Latest update on Solo Sikoa

As reported by Sean Ross Sapp of the well-known site Fightful, it would seem that Solo Sikoa is very close to its arrival in the main roster, always to support the brothers, the Usos, within the family stable, the Bloodline.

As reported by a well-known journalist, in fact: "Fightful Select learned this week that there were discussions about bringing NXT Solo Sikoa to the WWE main roster. We haven't heard if he will be associated with a specific brand, but his brothers Usos and cousin Roman Reigns are technically at both Raw and Smackdown, as they both hold the world titles they have won." At the moment we do not know what the specific plans are for the NXT athlete, who could easily be included in the Bloodline as "fresh meat" for the Tribal Chief, so that he can get someone to do the dirty work, especially against the returning Brock Lesnar, with a view to SummerSlam.

Carmelo gave credit to former champ Cameron Grimes, before proclaiming himself the greatest North American Champion in the brand's history. This was when Solo Sikoa emerged and stormed his way to the ring, stating that he had no fear of either Hayes or Williams.

He stated that he is in line to get a shot at Hayes' title before the champion and his associate rubbished his claims.