*Spoiler* Max Dupri made a surprising gesture


*Spoiler* Max Dupri made a surprising gesture

During one of the last episodes of Friday Night Smackdown, which aired as always on FOX screens in the USA, Adam Pearce was approached by a new face in that of the blue show, with the now ex-LA Knight of NXT who introduced himself to the company's official as Max Dupri, his new name, confirming himself as the manager of Maximum Male Models, a male modeling agency that will soon take over the McMahon company's Friday night show.

Apparently, according to the manager, Dupree would have signed a contract with Sonya Deville, while the latter was still in office as an official of the company, before her dismissal. After a very heartfelt promo from the manager, Pearce, despite being initially a bit confused and hesitant, realized he had a new face of Smackdown in front of him, who from that week would start his journey in front of the cameras of the WWE blue show.

Max Dupri introduces his modeling agency

In tonight's Friday Night Smackdown episode, Max Dupri wanted to stage a promo from backstage together with the usual Adam Pearce, with the former NXT manager who also wanted to present his first two models to the general public, which will make their first show next week at Smackdown.

The two protagonists of MMM, or the Maximum Male Models, will be the two wrestlers previously known by the names of Mace and Mansoor, which WWE has now changed to ma.çé and mån.sôör. During the next episode of the WWE Friday night blue show, the two will discover MMM's new collection of 2022 Tennis clothes, with Max Dupree obviously accompanying them in this parade for the WWE Universe, with fans who are already trying to to find out where this rather bizarre storyline of the WWE, which until now had never been seen, will lead.

Max Dupri introduced the first two signees of Maximum Male Models. Mace was re-dubbed ma.çé, Mansoor is now mån.sôör. Dupri said that applications were still open to join MMM. Several RAW Superstars also competed on the blue brand as WWE tried to deliver the final punches before the Money in the Bank Premium Live Event.

Take a look at the five things WWE SmackDown got right on this week's episode. Max Dupri was next to introduce his modeling agency, and his first model was Mace, but his name was now pronounced as 'mah-SAY' (spelled ma.cé).

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