*Spoiler* Happy Corbin is trying to get back up


*Spoiler* Happy Corbin is trying to get back up

Hello and welcome to the Friday Night SmackDown report. By now Money In The Bank is upon us and everything had been decided, except for the last participant in the men's Ladder match. - The episode opens with 5 of the men in the Money In The Bank match sitting on top of the stairs positioned in the center of the ring, while Omos remains firmly on the ground.

And that's not a good sign already. Seth Rollins is the first to speak and says that whoever wins will surely be smart enough to use the briefcase at SummerSlam. He is up to Riddle, sure he can finally get the better of Roman Reigns, but Sami Zayn assures him that he will protect the Bloodline.

MVP replies that Omos is definitely the favorite, but it seems to me the least convincing and realistic promo. MVP worked the mic for Omos before The Miz walked out. The A-Lister claimed that he deserved to be in the ladder match.

Ezekiel, Happy Corbin, and Madcap Moss also walked out one by one to make their case for a spot in the match. Sheamus remembers having already won the briefcase and having used it against Reigns in the past, but McIntyre replies that he instead beat Brock Lesnar.

Happy Corbin is working hard

THE MIZ IS COMING! Mizanin remembers having won the briefcase twice already and claims to be in the match. After him, Ezekiel, Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss also reach the stage to ask to be part of the match.

Adam Pearce then can only sanction an old-fashioned Battle Royal that will involve both the 6 already qualified for the match with the briefcase and the 4 who would like to join the party. Ezekiel took control of the match early after Corbin and Miz were sent outside.

Moss sent Zeke outside before the heel stars ganged up on him in the ring. A brawl started outside before Corbin dropped The Miz on the apron and choke-slammed Zeke on the announce desk. Nevertheless, they do have some accolades and accomplishments in WWE.

Both have held multiple titles, Nakamura has won the Royal Rumble and Cesaro has the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal. On the contrary, The New Day has had a dream run for over half a decade. The trio is currently eight times tag team champions and has been the longest reigning champions in history.

Happy Corbin