*Spoiler* The Viking Raiders attacked New Day

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*Spoiler* The Viking Raiders attacked New Day

Battle Royal: Seth Rollins vs Riddle vs Omos vs Sami Zayn vs Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre vs The Miz vs Ezekiel vs Happy Corbin vs Madcap Moss. The first eliminated are Ezekiel and Moss, guilty of not having escaped from the clutches of the giant Omos.

Zayn comes face to face with the MVP's assist but thinks it's best to shield himself with Miz, who is thrown against Omos and thrown out. In short, 3 of the 4 who wanted to participate in the MITB match are already out because of the Nigerian giant.

After seeing McIntyre, Sheamus and Zayn beaten up, Rollins finds himself in front of Omos but thinks well to eliminate himself and go backstage. After all, why risk so much just 24 hours before the Premium Live Event? But ...

RKO OF RIDDLE ON THE EX-SHIELD OUTSIDE THE RING! So, just to finish with a flourish. Omos tries to bring Riddle back to the square, but he overturns everything and tries to drag him out by hanging his legs around the opponent's neck.

McIntyre and Sheamus go to help the Bro and ... OMOS FALLS OUT OVER THE THIRD ROPE! The Viking Raiders attacked New Day on WWE SmackDown last week. This week, the two teams were set to compete in a tag team match ahead of Money in the Bank.

The Viking Raiders attacked New Day

The Viking Raiders came out and slapped the mic out of Woods' hand. They then proceeded to destroy the multi-time tag team champions once again to make another bold statement on SmackDown.

The match never got started as Erik and Ivar couldn't wait for the bell to ring to destroy The New Day. ELIMINATED! Finally, we move on to a normal match. Unfortunately, it is Riddle who ends up shortly after that, after the Viper DDT, tries an RKO too much phone call on Sheamus, but this reverses the situation and throws him out.

Four of them remain in the ring, but Corbin is soon knocked out by a Helluva Kick and rolls out of the square, without being eliminated. Sami Zayn instead takes a Claymore and flies out over the third rope. Final at this point all too obvious, with Drew trying to throw Sheamus out, but Corbin reappears from ringside and eliminates both, winning the Battle Royal.

Will he be the last participant in the men's Money In The Bank match? Not yet. There will be another 4-a-side match later to decide that. So what's the use of this? Absolutely nothing. Rollins was the smartest, there is little else to say.

- Backstage Happy Corbin, interviewed by Kayla Braxton, says he is happy for the win. The girl, however, reminds him of the possible match against Pat McAfee and the billionaire changes his expression, but without giving an answer.