Montez Ford on his dream match: I feel like the fans deserve it


Montez Ford on his dream match: I feel like the fans deserve it

Montez Ford spoke to Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman. Triple Threat Match with The Usos and New Day are his biggest wishes. Montez Ford believes that the time is right for something like that and that it would be a real spectacle.

Fans would certainly like to see such a match. “Absolutely 100% what we do is for the fans. For the fans by the fans,” said Montez Ford, as quoted by Wrestling Inc. “For us to not only elevate and show them what we can do on a grander scale.

I feel like they deserve it. You know it’s been a long time coming and I haven’t seen a Triple Threat Ladder- you know Tag Team Championship in a while as well. I think were coming up over 20-plus years, so I think it’s about time."

Montez Ford: There’s only one way to prove it

Montez Ford is a big star in WWE, but he doesn't want to stop at the current stage but wants to improve even more.

Ford knows very well what such matches would bring him, but whether his wish will come true remains to be seen. As he himself says, many tag teams believe they are the best, but the only way to confirm such things is in the ring.

Then you can see who is really at the very top of WWE. “The New Day [Triple Threat Match along with The Usos]. Put it out there in the universe right now. All of us are competing for universally the same thing, the Unified Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

Right now all three of us are walking around saying that ‘were the best tag team in the world,’ but there’s only one way to prove it. Put us in the ring at the same time and see who comes out on top," Montez Ford said.

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