*Spoiler* Madcap Moss took advantage of the situation

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*Spoiler* Madcap Moss took advantage of the situation
*Spoiler* Madcap Moss took advantage of the situation

Contract Signing! Usos and Street Profits rise to the square. Typical fight between gangs in the ghetto, with the two tag teams making fun of each other and eventually exchanging catchphrases. For tonight The Usos want to smoke, while the Profits end by raising their finger to the sky with '' 'We the ones'' Signed, all at home.

- Backstage Max Dupri tells Adam Pearce that he will finally be introducing his first client tonight. Pearce confirms this, saying that now is his time. - Max Dupri reaches the ring! We finally got to the most important moment ...

ah, isn't that the main event? And why? WWE doesn't understand anything. The former LA Knight introduces us to the first model of his Maximum Male Models, saying that we knew him as Mace, but now he is ma.çè. Written like this, all in lowercase and with strange random letters.

For a reporter it will be torture. Kevin Owens was out with an injury backstage. This prompted Adam Pearce to book a match between The Miz, Ezekiel, Happy Corbin, and Madcap Moss for the last spot in the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match.

But not just one, because Max is also keen to introduce us to man.soor.

Madcap Moss found a spot

As a model, it is even less credible and as a name, it sounds even worse. The two make their parade, an entrance that exceeds the levels of trash of the MNM with the paparazzi, with Dupri who enhances the physical qualities of the new clients.

We found the protagonists of Zoolander 3 and I honestly love them already. - MAIN EVENT MONEY IN THE BANK QUALIFYING MATCH: The Miz vs Happy Corbin vs Madcap Moss vs Ezekiel. Good match between 4 athletes from many underestimated, at least from the side of the struggled.

In the final, Moss and Miz are out of the square and Corbin is getting the better of Ezekiel, but he stops 6 hours to stare at McAfee, to then '' dedicate '' the End Of Days to him. Moss, however, returns to the ring and throws out the former friend, effectively stealing the final pin ...

1 ... 2 ... 3! Cunning victory for him, who will therefore be the seventh participant in tonight's Money In The Bank Ladder match. The Miz then hit Moss and Ezekiel with kicks to the chest. Corbin took control outside the ring as he dropped The A-Lister on the apron and chokeslammed Zeke on the announcers' table.

Madcap Moss Kevin Owens

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