Kurt Angle gives a reasons why Gable Steveson didn't debut

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Kurt Angle gives a reasons why Gable Steveson didn't debut

Gable Steveson is a man with a similar background as Kurt Angle. Steveson is an Olympic Gold Medalist, just like Angle was. Steveson signed a contract with WWE last year and is still waiting for his debut. Many are wondering why Gable hasn't made his debut yet, and Kurt Angle tried to give his own explanation: “I think the reason is his size, he’s probably 170 pounds, you know, five foot eight.

I think that bears a little bit on the reason why he’s not being pushed as much as he should be,” Angle said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc. Kurt Angle believes that Steveson is a great talent and that WWE should push him more.

Angle emphasized that Steveson has quality, charisma, and everything a WWE wrestler needs. “But I think he’s an amazing talent, I think the WWE can do a lot with him. He’s very technical, he has a lot of charisma, he’s a very talented kid, and I think he would do extremely well if the company pushed him”.

Kurt Angle: Gable Steveson's manager

Kurt Angle had an offer to be Steveson's manager, but that didn't happen. Kurt had some other plans that he was trying to realize. There were some other WWE talents in the foreground, but he didn't even get to work with them.

It is certain that they could learn a lot from a person like Kurt Angle. “I wanted to manage Jason Jordan and Chad Gable back in the day, and it never occurred,” he revealed. “It was brought up in meetings but it just never happened”.

We will see if there are any chances that Kurt Angle will cooperate with Gable Steveson in the future. This young wrestler could learn a lot from Angle. His experience and qualities are of great help to every newcomer.