Theory has set a new record

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Theory has set a new record

Despite the great commercials that were there during the men's Money in the Bank, like when all the wrestlers pulled up Omos crashing him on the comment table, or when Riddle made his RKO from the very high scale to Seth Rollins or when Drew and Sheamus stole the show for several minutes, it was the young Theory with very little time in the ring and a few memorable moments in the match, who took the briefcase and became Mr Money in the Bank.

Needless to say, the WWE Universe has literally divided and split on the thing, between those who are happy for the push of the young man and those who booed him. For months, in fact, the former US champion has been presented as Mr McMahon's protégé, with Theory always getting the best places, in the best tournaments and matches, only thanks to this immense collaboration.

Now, Theory has also entered the history of WWE, this time, however, for a not exactly positive fact, after having given up his United States champion belt.

Theory made history

As analyzed and noted by several online users of the various social networks, usually whoever wins the Money in the Bank Ladder match, then usually goes to win a title, does not go to lose.

In this case, however, Austin Theory first lost his US title, to Bobby Lashley, and then went to detach the briefcase hanging from the ceiling of the Las Vegas arena where the Stamford company's PPV was airing. This, therefore, turned out to be a historic record for WWE, albeit a sad record.

In fact, in the history of the company, no one has ever lost a title on the same night in which they won the Money in the Bank. Let's see how the thing is reported by two important social profiles, namely the official WWE page on FOX and the profile that deals with statistics and information based on wrestling.

The former WWE writer shared his personal opinions about the reigning United States Champion and felt that the superstar still had a long way to go before he ascended to a higher level as a performer. Russo provided an honest take on the RAW Superstar, as you can view below: "I don't see anything in this guy," revealed Vince Russo.

"I don't; I mean, I'm just telling you. That is me. That is just me, bro. It just feels very forced. There is nothing special about him. There is nothing that sticks out. That is me. That is my opinion and my assessment."