WWE didn't say anything about Money in the Bank ending

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by Simone Brugnoli
WWE didn't say anything about Money in the Bank ending

On Saturday night, WWE staged one of its fans' favorite annual PPVs, Money in the Bank, with members of the WWE Universe who witnessed several twists until a few hours ago that surely didn't happen. they would never be expected on the eve of the Stamford-based federation's PPV.

Two of the most anticipated matches, needless to say, were those valid for the Money in the Bank briefcases, namely the briefcases placed above the ring, with the athletes intent on trying to detach this object, in order to then go to request a titled match at any time and against any champion of the federation, collecting the contract present in the briefcase.

What, however, many did not expect, was that someone cashed directly in the night itself his chance against a champion or a champion, which happened right after, when Liv Morgan went to beat Ronda Rousey sensationally, after her match against Natalya, with fans who were amazed by what they saw in the PPV ring.

Money in the Bank thrilled the fans

Apparently, according to what revealed by Sean Ross Sapp of the well-known ocean site, Fightful, WWE wanted to keep the winners of its Money in the Bank secret until the last, with the crew that until the morning of the day of the event, did not know anything, not even the participants in the same matches.

As reported by the journalist, in fact: "The match finals weren't disclosed to any of the talent crew until Saturday morning." Neither Austin Theory, nor Liv Morgan, therefore knew that they would win their respective briefcases in the eponymous ppv with stairs, with Liv Morgan even having also cashed the same night, unlike Austin Theory, which instead entered WWE history for first losing a title (against Bobby Lashley, who became US champion for the third time in his career) and then winning the Money in the Bank.

Fans got many spots on the top of the ladder. Liv, Raquel, and Evans were on top of the same ladder before Morgan hit Lacey with a powerbomb. Big Time Becks took the spotlight for some time, and she took turns punishing each woman in the match.

Shotzi tried to hit her with a splash but crashed into a ladder. Lashley dominated for some time before Theory hit a clothesline. He countered a move from the challenger and hit a Spear of his own. Theory dropped Lashley on the turnbuckles and hit a dropkick for a near-fall.

The champ went for the A-Town Down, but The All-Mighty countered it and locked in the Hurt Lock for the win. It was a good contest that saw Lashley again dominate at WWE Money in the Bank. Many will argue that the 45-year-old did not need to pick up a win over the 24-year-old Theory.