Rob Van Dam praises Theory

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Rob Van Dam praises Theory

Theory has literally blown the bank at Money in the Bank, proving to be one of the best prospects out there. The evening had not started in the best way for the protégé of Vince McMahon, forced to hand over the US title to a great Bobby Lashley.

Despite an excellent performance, Theory surrendered to the overwhelming power of his opponent. 'The All Mighty' brought his experience to bear at the highlight, winning the United States Championship for the third time in his career.

Austin redeemed himself in the main event, to which he was added at the last minute by Adam Pearce. A guest on the latest edition of the 'Extraaa Dhamaal' podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam commented on Theory's extraordinary performance in the Money in the Bank Ladder match.

Rob Van Dam on Theory

“If we think back to the events of the last few weeks, we realize that the time for Theory was about to arrive. WWE wanted her character to shine during this pay-per-view” - analyzed Rob Van Dam.

“The spotlight is all on him now and people want to see what he's going to do. After losing the US title, Austin didn't give up and beat the competition in the main event. Hat off” - continued Van Dam. Wrestling expert Bill Apter was also stunned by Theory: “The match between him and Bobby Lashley was just fabulous.

Both showed their worth and the audience had a blast. I myself was glued to the chair because I was witnessing a very exciting battle. Lashley won, but Theory reiterated that he is one of the most crystalline talents on the WWE roster.

After that painful defeat, Theory didn't give up and ended the evening in style. The Money in the Bank Ladder match was also a spectacle. Nobody knew who he was going to win until Theory broke the bank. What are the plans for Austin? I have no idea, but I don't think he's ready to become the face of the company yet”.

The former WWE writer shared his personal opinions about the reigning United States Champion and felt that the superstar still had a long way to go before he ascended to a higher level as a performer. Russo provided an honest take on the RAW Superstar, as you can view below: "I don't see anything in this guy," revealed Vince Russo.

"I don't; I mean, I'm just telling you. That is me. That is just me, bro. It just feels very forced. There is nothing special about him. There is nothing that sticks out. That is me. That is my opinion and my assessment."