Did Ronda Rousey want to give up the title?

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Did Ronda Rousey want to give up the title?

Liv Morgan took the world to the top when she first won the briefcase and then the SmackDown Champion belt during WWE's latest premium live event Money In The Bank. In fact, after the victory of Ronda Rousey against Natalya, in a match with no holds barred, which saw the Baddest Woman on the Planet remain even half lame in her fight against the Canadian, Liv collected the briefcase immediately, with such strategy that turned out to be a winner, going to pin the former MMA fighter with a lightning roll-up.

After Morgan's victory, Rousey went to hug her opponent, raising her arm to the sky as a sign of great respect, with the fans singing the chants "you deserve it" or "you deserve it".

Backstage news on Ronda Rousey

According to what emerged from an Instagram story by Ronda Rousey's personal photographer, Rowdy specifically asked WWE to lose the title in favor of the rising girl.

In fact, the man posted a video of Liv Morgan's victory with the words: "For ... THIS ... Respect for Ronda Rousey, who never wanted or asked to be champion ... and asked that the most passionate pro wrestler be rewarded with the most prestigious title in our industry ...

#respect." Obviously, this story can be interpreted in different ways, some say it was made only because the photographer is a friend of Ronda and wanted to compliment her to make people love her as she struggled a bit to connect with the audience of the professional wrestling and some say that this is probably true.

Perhaps, however, it could also have been avoided since it almost seems that Liv was given that title and did not earn it, as it did and as we analyzed in the last piece of the Queen Of Moonsault column in the article "Liv Morgan wins everything.

to Money In The Bank: Watch Her." During an interview with Daniel Cormier on The DC Check-In, Ronda Rousey stated that the plans were for her to return to WWE as a heel, but Vince McMahon changed his mind after hearing how the crowd reacted to her.

"I was supposed to come back as a heel. Vince [McMahon] was like, 'They popped real big, so she's a babyface.' I did a heel interview after and everyone was like, 'What the hell?' Next Monday, I'm like, 'I'm coming in as a heel' and they're like, 'No, you need to smile and you need to stop being a b***h.'

'No, I love being a b***h! It's my outlet for b*tchery!' 'No, pull it back for a little bit.' 'Okay, high fives.' "