Backstage news on Bianca Belair's future

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Backstage news on Bianca Belair's future

In a chat with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman, Bianca Belair talked about her interest in returning to NXT where she definitely started her career as a wrestler and where she grew up to the big star she is today.

“Yes, I mean I started NXT. I mean it was my home. I'm a local talent,” Belair said with conviction. “That's where I learned everything, so I'd always like to go and give back. what Natalya did when she came back to NXT was incredible.

She is a legend in the business and always has so much, you know love and so many things to give. I wish I could go back and go back to NXT. To get in the ring with them and have a little welcome in my home and go to the ring with some of the new talents.

It would be fun." Bianca Belair has never even managed to win the NXT champion title despite being always in the spotlight, but she certainly had great success on the main roster and it wouldn't hurt to see her come home and maybe help some new talents who have her.

admired and dream of becoming like her in the future, as happened with Cora Jade and Natalya.

New details on Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair wants the WWE Universe to understand that there are boundaries when it comes to interacting with your favorite WWE Superstar.

EST recently stated, “My WWE trip was very special. I never imagined becoming a WWE superstar, I have to be honest. I dreamed of becoming a gymnast and participating in the Olympics. My role models were 'Flo-Jo', Gail Devers and Dominique Dawes.

Getting into the world of wrestling and becoming a WWE superstar was a daydream. I am proud and infinitely grateful to those who gave me a hand along the way. I attended the main event with Sasha Banks last year and won the SmackDown Women's Championship against all odds.

This year I defeated Becky Lynch and won the Raw Women’s Championship. I still can hardly believe it, as it all happened very quickly. I want to harness this momentum and continue to forge my legacy. We drove 20 minutes from the venue, sitting at a red light… a fan just ran up to the window, and tapped on the window trying to take a picture.

Scared the sh*t out of us… I love my fans, but Do NOT FOLLOW me from the venue. DO NOT RUN UP to my car window while I’m sitting at a red light at 11 pm tapping on the window. It’s not safe for me. It’s not safe for you.

I try my best to stay around and sign as many autographs and take as many photos as I can… It may seem harmless and all in fun to you, but that wasn’t right or fair."