Mace's shoes amazed everyone

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Mace's shoes amazed everyone

In the episode of Friday Night Smackdown last Friday night, Max Dupri wanted to stage a promo from backstage together with the usual Adam Pearce, with the former NXT manager who also wanted to present his first two models to the general public, which will make their first show next week at Smackdown, after introducing themselves to the general public last Friday.

The two protagonists of MMM, or the Maximum Male Models, will be the two wrestlers previously known by the names of Mace and Mansoor, which WWE has now changed to ma.çé and mån.sôör. During the next episode of the WWE Friday night blue show, the two will discover MMM's new collection of 2022 Tennis clothes, with Max Dupri obviously accompanying them in this show for the WWE Universe, with fans who do not are already more in the skin to find out where this rather bizarre storyline of the McMahon company, which until now had never been seen, will lead.

The latest news on Mace

WWE legend Booker T is not a fan of SmackDown star Mace's ring name. The Hall Of Famer joked that he thinks about the rapper Mace when he hears the WWE Superstar's name. What the fans did not expect, however, is that WWE would make the most of the new characters of the two former athletes on the main roster who were once even heels.

In their first show of the blue show, ma.çé showed himself in a pair of very expensive shoes, which fans probably didn't even recognize at the moment, due to the excitement and excitement of the new on-screen acquaintances.

To give a real value to what were the shoes worn by the wrestler, he thought about it himself, who in one of his latest interventions on his social networks, said: "The $4000 Alexander McQueen". Basically, WWE is taking its two athletes' new gimmicks really seriously, with really expensive items and items being bought for the two athletes, to put them on stage in the best possible way, so they can sell their character to WWE Universe.

On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T and his co-host Brad Gilmore briefly discussed Mace and his ring name. Gilmore stated that he didn't like the former RETRIBUTION member's name, which the Hall of Famer agreed to as well.

"No, I hate it (Mace's ring name). I didn't even like the rapper Mace (laughs). You know, we've talked about that. Every time I think of Mace (the WWE star), I think about Mace (the rapper)," said the WWE legend.