When did WWE decide to invest in Theory?

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When did WWE decide to invest in Theory?

In Money in the Bank, the McMahon-owned company has staged several very interesting angles and segments, including several matches in the ring with the stairs that have obviously entertained the whole WWE Universe worldwide.

The two most shocking moments were certainly the two finals of the Money in the Bank Ladder match, with Austin Theory and Liv Morgan leaving the world in awe, beating their competition formed by six men and six women respectively, with Liv Morgan shocking everyone even more by beating Ronda Rousey for the title of Smackdown champion.

After the online emergence of the idea that the former MMA fighter herself took the title away from Ronda Rousey, who never wanted the title of Friday Night Smackdown champion and actually wanted to give it up willingly to her colleague on the ramp launch, another idea emerges that the WWE had already had for some time and that was instead communicated at the last second to the experts.

What's next for Theory?

As reported in one of our latest news this morning, the federation crew was warned about how the Money in the Bank Ladder match would end only late Saturday morning, with the wrestlers taking part in the contest they didn't know.

not even who would have won initially. Winning the men's competition, as already stated several times, was Theory, with the boy who, however, apparently has always been the only solution and the number one of the WWE. As revealed by reporters from the well-known site Ringside News, WWE would have deliberately kept the name of its winner secret, but since the close-ups made months ago, the only candidate name for the victory of the briefcase was Theory.

Among the initial plans of the federation, there was also the phase of the loss of the title of Theory to Bobby Lashley, an event that aired shortly before his victory in the MITB Ladder match. Apparently, the big push that the young ex-champion of EVOLVE is having, would not stop like this, with the new Mr Money in the Bank who could soon also have his long-awaited match and feud against John Cena, in a historic handover, as was the one between The Undertaker and John Cena, 20 years ago at Smackdown.

Vince Russo also didn't buy into the comparisons between John Cena and Theory. The outspoken personality said it was too soon to match Theory's work with the Cenation Leader.