WWE changed plans for John Cena

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WWE changed plans for John Cena

During the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired last Monday, Vince McMahon wanted to appear once again, after the outbreak of his extramarital scandal, with the Chairman currently decayed to make room for his daughter, who introduced his former world champion, for the celebration of his 20 years in the rings of the family company: John Cena.

Once in the ring, John told fans that he didn't know when he will be able to return to the ring to fight and that he is now 45 and therefore his performances may be numbered by now. After also having a face-to-face with Theory backstage of the red show, many have wondered if the two could go and collide at Summerslam, but apparently, according to what Dave Meltzer said, it is very unlikely that the plans for the WWE's Big Four are these, as John Cena is not advertised for any event in the coming weeks.

In the end, during the episode of Raw this week, the official character of this missed meeting for Summerslam also arrived, with Theory who will instead be engaged in another dispute.

New details on John Cena

NXT Superstar Cameron Grimes is looking forward to having a possible matchup with John Cena for the NXT Championship.

During the red show that aired tonight, there was a segment between the new US champion, Bobby Lashley and Mr Money in the Bank, Theory, with the young boy wanting to announce his next titled challenge, which it will be right up against the company's All Mighty, as a rematch of the Money in the Bank contention, where Theory lost its title.

At Summerslam, therefore, there will be a match valid for the US title between Theory and Bobby Lashley, with John Cena, who has definitively disappeared from the rumors for the Big Four, as was initially expected. WWE is likely to continue to pursue plans for a match between Theory and John Cena, but for the next edition of Wrestlemania, number 39, with the two sure to have a physical confrontation in the future and what better occasion than Showcase of the Immortals? "So when I win the NXT Championship, I would love to defend that against John Cena.

I feel like anyone that's in this business would love the opportunity to be against John Cena in any type of light. You can book it in a Coconut show in Largo. I don't care if it's on television."