Big E will not have to undergo any surgery

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Big E will not have to undergo any surgery

In recent months there has been a great deal of apprehension towards the former WWE Champion of Monday Night Raw, Big E, with the athlete who for a few weeks had returned to express all his talent in the rings of the Friday Night Smackdown blue show, where on the night of Friday 11 March he ran into a painful and frightening accident that led him to literally break his neck, during a phase of his match in the tag team, alongside Kofi Kingston, against Ridge Holland and Sheamus.

While his opponent Ridge Holland performed a Belly to Belly Suplex on him outside the ring, Big E fell on his head and neck, in a rather sprawled manner, which caused the fracture of two cervical vertebrae, the famous C6.

and C1. Fortunately, already from the first news about his state of health, the nerves of the spine seemed not to have been involved, as had already partially confirmed the state of his limbs, with Big E who was able to move both the fingers of the hands than those of the feet.

Apparently, in the end, not even any initial surgical operation was needed for the New Day athlete, although the rehabilitation now would be quite long and above all very delicate, with the athlete who was in bad luck also very lucky not to receive any other problems.

much more serious with this injury.

Update on Big E

In recent weeks we had seen how Big E had finally abandoned the use of the orthopedic collar, returning to show truly enviable neck mobility from someone who has had the same injury as him.

The main problem, however, is that the C1 vertebra was not bonding properly, with the wrestler being slated for a possible two-vertebrae fusion operation, so as not to compromise his spine. In his latest online speech on his social pages, Big E wanted to reassure everyone, confirming how his situation has definitely improved, saying: "Update!

My C1 is not ossifying (forming bone) yet. The current plan is to do more scans within a year and see the progress. The great news is that I feel great and an operation is no longer an option on the table." Big E is one of the most entertaining talkers in all of WWE.

He excels in promo segments, interviews and backstage segments with his high-energy delivery and endearing humour. One of the paths he could take if he's not fully recovered upon returning is a non-wrestling role. The former world champion could serve as The New Day's manager as his teammates have previously done while recovering from injury.