SummerSlam: WWE's determined the opponent for Riddle

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SummerSlam: WWE's determined the opponent for Riddle

In the last year, WWE had put together Matt Riddle and Randy Orton almost as a challenge, with the two characters brought to the scene by the two athletes who were completely opposite, but who nevertheless managed to establish a great relationship in the rings of the McMahon-owned company.

and especially with its WWE Universe, entertaining everyone, in the most disparate ways. After months as tag team champions of the flag show, Monday Night Raw, many have wondered if the company's management has ever thought of splitting the two, with rumors emerging from the federation's backstage, which in addition to confirming these ideas and these plans have even brought out the feud that should have existed in Summerslam last summer and that then someone hypothesized could even come for Wrestlemania 38 and instead still nothing done.

After Orton left the scene with a bad back injury, Riddle attempted to go for Roman Reigns' titles, in one of the last Friday Night Smackdown main events, with the companion of the WWE Viper, who however was beaten, before Brock Lesnar returned to reclaim his reign as WWE world champion and will now have no more title chances as long as Reigns is champion.

Seth Rollins vs Riddle at SummerSlam?

When Matt Riddle put paper to pen and signed with WWE back in 2018, there was an air of cautious optimism. The decorated MMA fighter had everything it took to be a mega star. Apparently, after what happened in the last installments of the red show in recent weeks, with Seth Rollins attacking the former couple champion of the red show several times physically and verbally, it would seem that this is the direction that the WWE is taking for.

its next big ppv of the summer. According to what Dave Meltzer reported during the last episode of his Wrestling Observer radio show, with the site's daily newsletter, in fact, WWE would now have confirmed this match internally, with the journalist who reported: "So it's very likely it will be Riddle vs Seth Rollins at Summerslam.

This is the main event they are staging on all house shows and will continue to do so from now on." At the moment, of course, everything could always take a different turn within WWE's environments and plans for Summerslam, with the feud between Riddle and Rollins which, however, is already a very concrete thing and which will surely end in a match, sooner or later in the federation's rings.