Raw: Otis vomits in live show


Raw: Otis vomits in live show

Very often, the WWE and its crew become the protagonists of some segments that cause quite a stir, such as the segments in which we talk about characters who have passed away or in which very h*t and controversial topics are used to attract heat towards the heel of the company and therefore racism, hatred of others or the use of family members and children to offend an opponent.

One of the segments of this genre that never went down to members of the WWE Universe, so much so that the undersigned remembers it very well even after many years, is when Randy Orton, live on Friday Night Smackdown, asked Rey Mysterio why remembering Eddie Guerrero, dead a few months ago, the San Diego goblin looked up, as Eddie after he died would never go to heaven, rather to hell, so the wrestler would have to look down.

The history of WWE is dotted with these episodes, such as the scene in which the federation hinted that one of its wrestlers had relations with a dead girl, a certain Katie Vick, in one of the most controversial and questionable segments of the entire history of the federation.

In January 2020, Otis caught Mandy Rose at ringside to prevent her from being eliminated from the women’s Royal Rumble match. As if that weren't enough, this night the WWE even decided to make one of its wrestlers, Otis, throw up on command with the former tag team champion of the red show, who had in fact been seen eating dozens of h*t dogs in a contest somewhere, a minute before his match.

Otis vomits live

After having a bout with the Street Profits, with Montez Ford hitting Otis with his own mighty Frog Splash, the WWE wrestler put back everything he ate in the ring, in a segment that appears to be wanted by the company and not a hiccup.

After returning from advertising, WWE has seen fit to revise also the moment of the "transfer" of Otis, with this idea that most likely belonged to the Chairman, Vince McMahon, who in the past years has already staged these segments, like with Ultimate Warrior and Papa Shango in 1992 or with Darren Drozdov in 1998, on Monday Night Raw.

Speaking to “The Bridge News,” the 30-year-old explained how WWE’s last-minute Royal Rumble change affected his mood. “At the Royal Rumble we just got done doing the Mandy thing where she lands on me, she’s not eliminated from the Royal Rumble,” Otis said.

“We got to the back and they made changes... They said, ‘You guys [Otis and Tucker] are not in the Rumble anymore.’ So I said, ‘Okay…’ My mood was here [high]… it went down to here [low] because I was excited to be in my first Royal Rumble”.

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