Raw: Rey Mysterio showed great cunning

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Raw: Rey Mysterio showed great cunning

Dear readers welcome or welcome back to a new Monday Night RAW report. So, let's do this! We're in San Diego, California, and the show opens with the arrival of new US Champion Bobby Lashley. On US Independence Day, Lashley couldn't have been happier than that, having served the country and being the reigning US champion.

With a sublime thrust, the All Mighty claim that no fighter from any federation can beat him. At this point comes Theory who obviously claims he must be the one who opens the show since he is the youngest MITB holder in WWE history.

The rivalry between the Mysterios and Judgment Day heated up on WWE RAW this week. Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio took on Finn Balor and Damian Priest in a tag team match. The Prince was handed a chair behind the referee’s back and Rey Mysterio fell down and acted as if he was struck by it.

Rey Mysterio was smart

The referee turned around and called for the bell to disqualify The Judgment Day. It was a fun match between the two teams. However, The Judgment Day’s intensity seems to have fallen since the former leader Edge's exit and Rhea Ripley’s injury.

The two don't want to say it, but what I like is that Theory, after Summerslam, regardless of who wins, will cash in on the suitcase and become the undisputed, unparalleled WWE champion. Vince's boyfriend attacks Lashley with the briefcase but the All Mighty wins.

THE MYSTERIOS VS THE JUDGMENT DAY. The first match of the evening sees Rey and Dominik Mysterio face Finn Balor and Damian Priest. With the release of Edge, Judgment Day lost a lot of public interest and Ripley’s momentary injury did not help.

I say this because, playing at home, the father-son duo wins by disqualification, with Rey using the fake chair grab tactics, a technique used by the late Eddie Guerrero. Rey Mysterio was close friends with the late great Eddie Guerrero.

After Guerrero’s untimely passing, Rey and the entire wrestling world were heartbroken. Eddie was an extremely popular wrestler, incredible in the ring, and beloved by fans. In the Showcase Mode of WWE 2K22, Rey Mysterio relives the time and tells a tale of a heartwarming gesture towards him by fellow WWE legend Shawn Michaels.