Raw: Bobby Lashley strengthened his status


Raw: Bobby Lashley strengthened his status

BIANCA BELAIR & LIV MORGAN VS NATALYA & CARMELLA Rightly, seeing the four face-off, Adam Pearce comes out and sanctions a tag team match between the four. Match that has little to say but to elevate the status of Liv Morgan, who backs Natalya for the victory, thus closing the match.

Meanwhile, Bobby Lashley kicked off WWE RAW to celebrate his United States Championship win. He said no one in the company could defeat him for the title.

Bobby Lashley kicked off WWE RAW

Bobby Lashley finally got the tag and took everyone out of sight.

A brawl broke out, and Gable nearly stole the win by rolling up Lashley. Ford hit Otis with a frog splash, and Lashley got the Spear and picked up the win. Theory seems to be in the good books of everyone involved in programming.

WINNERS: BIANCA BELAIR & LIV MORGAN INDEPENDENCE DAY PARTY KEEP ON We return to the BBQ organized to celebrate independence and we find the Street Profits talking to the good Ezekiel who, with ketchup in hand, instead of putting it on the h*t dog, sprays it on Seth Rollins, dressed entirely in white.

At first, the situation is serious, then the four laugh, then Seth becomes serious again and the others follow him closely. What does this mean? That Ezekiel will challenge Seth Rollins to a match. Lashley has only lost twice in seventeen contests in the course of his MMA journey.

In 2018, he came back to the WWE as ‘The Real deal’. He has also won the Intercontinental Championship twice after his return. Lashley opened up about his journey as a Wrestler and how hard it was. He also spoke about the contract that he had with renowned promotion Bellator MMA.

Lashley has made it clear time and again that he wants the big match against Lesnar to happen and has openly admitted it. He describes the time the thought first came into his head. “When I first started people were saying ‘Oh that’s a black Lesnar’ and I was like ‘No.

But I understand that you guys have some kind of comparison because we had kind of similar careers,’” explains Lashley. “I think it’s something that needs to happen, whether they do it or not,” says Lashley.

“I was told at one point in time that ‘this Brock, you’re not at his level yet’ so I don’t know”.

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