Raw: Becky Lynch took a painful win

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Raw: Becky Lynch took a painful win

EZEKIEL VS SETH ROLLINS Let's go back to this fantastic moment, the match between Rollins and Ezekiel. I was hoping for an Ezekiel victory but now they don't believe in him anymore. Stomp and bye-bye Ezekiel. WINNER: SETH ROLLINS Not happy, Rollins tries again but Riddle intervenes with an RKO out of nowhere.

Give us this feud, please! WHAT A INDEPENDENCE DAY PARTY SURPRISE! Let's go back to the contest of who eats the most HotDogs, we only see Otis and Dawkins competing and eating as many as possible but surprisingly, AKIRA TOZAWA WITH 48 EATEN HOTDOGS, MONSTERLY, wins.

Otis, meanwhile, is not feeling well but is loaded by Theory for the match they will have later. WE WANT THE ALL MIGHTY SMOKE BOBBY LASHLEY & STREET PROFITS VS THEORY & ALPHA ACADEMY I'm a Lashley fan, I'm crazy about Street Profits, seeing them together kept me hooked on the screen for the duration of the match.

Not beautiful but various interesting ideas for the future. But the finale was crackling: Gable performs a wonderful German Suplex against Ford, then performs a suplex on Lashley and a Moon sault again against the US Champ.

Intent on closing the match, Gable tries to do something but Lashley breaks free and executes a violent spear against poor Chad. Asuka and Becky Lynch competed in a No Holds Barred match on WWE RAW. WINNERS: STREET PROFITS & LASHLEY At the end of the match, Otis steps into the ring and vomits bits of food.

He disgusting scene honestly. We come to the end of the evening with Megan interviewing Becky Lynch.

Asuka and Becky Lynch competed

The Irish redhead claims that since Asuka returned, everything that she could go wrong has gone and that she now feels ready for Asuka but that, probably, she's not ready for No Holds Barred Becky.

But first, there is a segment that didn't tell me anything, namely Uncle Sam R-Truth. Which is unexpectedly interrupted by Intercontinental Champion Gunther. R-TRUTH VS GUNTHER Kick in Gunther's face, Truth throws a right but Gunther hits him on the chest with a clothesline and finally closes the match with a powerbomb.

WINNER: GUNTHER BECKY LYNCH VS ASUKA - NO HOLDS BARRED We finally arrived at the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING. A stipulation that I love only for the fact that there are objects that are normally never found under a ring, like a fire extinguisher or a Japanese umbrella, for example.

Chairs, tables, garbage cans, kendo sticks, umbrellas, but above all dozens of chairs where suplexes were performed at will and more. Even the audience sang THIS IS AWESOME, something that hadn't happened for a while in a weekly episode.

However, Becky blocks Asuka's attempt to hit her with the umbrella and takes it; then Asuka goes with the green mist but Lynch, with a bit of luck, partially covers herself from the blow by opening her umbrella. Realizing that it is his moment, from the second rope he executes a Man Handle Slam on the table and back Asuka, thus returning to the victory that had been missing for quite a while.