Tyson Fury has already decided his next opponent

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Tyson Fury has already decided his next opponent

Over the past few years, WWE has presented its fans with several never-before-seen challenges, also using several well-known personalities from the sports world, who have never been part of a pro-wrestling show. Among the many non-wrestlers used by WWE, we find names of the caliber of Floyd Mayweather Jr, who even beat Big Show in a Wrestlemania match, Tyson Fury, who went to challenge Braun Strowman face to face, or Cain Velasquez, who entered into a feud with his archenemy, Brock Lesnar, but was fired only a few months after his arrival in WWE.

Apparently, as always, when WWE smells like easy money, it manages to bring all kinds of characters to its rings, from boxers to MMA athletes, up to singers, actors and YouTubers. In recent weeks, the signing of Logan Paul with WWE has caused a sensation, with the well-known YouTuber and actor who has become in effect a Superstar of the federation, after the signing of his agreement.

New details on Tyson Fury

Apparently, in recent months there would have been yet another rapprochement between Tyson Fury and the WWE, with the well-known world champion boxer, who after hanging up his boots, could soon return to the ring, but those of pro-wrestling and not boxing ones.

According to reports by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, it would appear that WWE has serious plans for Fury ahead of the British PPV, Clash at the Castle in early September, but apparently the boxer is aiming for something else or rather someone else.

According to the latest update by Meltzer to the microphones of his radio newspaper, it would seem that the intention of WWE and Tyson Fury himself, seems to be to have a match between the Manchester giant and the newly signed YouTuber, Logan Paul, with a match that would greatly attract the attention of the entire entertainment world, as well as that of sport in general.

We will see if in the next few weeks some other clues will arrive that can make us understand if these plans can be true or not. The Gypsy King addressed the media after his win over Dillian Whyte last night. Fury was asked if he would be present at WWE’s Cardiff show, the promotion’s first major UK event in over 30 years.

He revealed that he had a word with Vince Mcmahon about appearing in Cardiff while also sending a warning to McIntyre. "Don't rule me out of fighting there (the WWE UK stadium show)! You might see me at SummerSlam. I got to speak to Vince and the boys! I know Drew McIntyre has been saying a lot of things about me. I would love to knock him out."

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