Vince McMahon's TV series canceled

Vince McMahon has built an empire with WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Vince McMahon's TV series canceled

In recent weeks there is nothing but talk of the Chairman of the Board of the WWE, Vince McMahon, a very important exponent of the last 40-50 years of world pro-wrestling, who has managed almost by himself to build a real empire, called WWE.

After years at the helm of the number one company in the world of pro-wrestling, Vince McMahon has ended up in yet another media storm, which this time concerns his private, family and love life, or the problems he would have with his wife Linda McMahon, with Vince who's said to have had an extra-marital affair (one of reportedly several) with a WWE employee, some time ago, and then paid for the total silence of the other party.

Meanwhile, Stephanie McMahon has momentarily replaced her father at the helm of WWE, becoming CEO.

The latest news on Vince McMahon

After reading the doubts of Dave Meltzer a few weeks ago, with the well-known journalist who now assured that Netflix's ideas about a documentary on the WWE patron Vince McMahon had been irreparably compromised, in the last few hours it seems to have confirmed that the well-known TV platform does not want to produce anything with the Vince McMahon name in between.

According to what Denise Salcedo reported in the last few hours, in fact: "Sources tell me that the Netflix documentary on Vince McMahon has been scrapped and is no longer on Netflix's projects. A source inside Netflix confirmed to me that there is nothing left on the company's project sheets and another source literally told me, This me ** is now out'

Yet another source indicated that the project was almost ready for post-production, with the collaboration of several talents and with the company that had already spent several million on it. I also spoke with one of the producers of the project who however declined any confirmation of the cancellation. He didn't want to talk about this story with me at all."

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