Nobody thought Randy Orton would get that high

Randy Orton made his WWE debut way back in 2002

by Simone Brugnoli
Nobody thought Randy Orton would get that high

Randy Orton made his WWE debut way back in 2002 when he faced Hardcore Holly in a singles match on SmackDown. It didn't take the Viper long to become one of the most successful and popular superstars of the modern era. Over the past two decades, the 'Legend Killer' has won 14 world titles, two editions of the Royal Rumble match and one edition of the Money in the Bank.

He also held the Tag Team Championship, the Intercontinental title and the United States title. Randy is experiencing a kind of second youth thanks to his weird and bizarre alliance with Riddle, who quickly conquered the WWE Universe.

As everyone knows by now, Orton is dealing with a back injury that could force him to undergo surgery. In that case, the former heavyweight champion is expected to remain in the pits for the rest of 2022. Bob Orton confided to Sportskeeda that he had taught his son everything he knew about the business.

Update on Randy Orton's status

“I taught my son Randy Orton everything I knew about wrestling, but I have to admit he far exceeded my expectations. I couldn't imagine that he would get that high,” said Bob. In a recent interview with 'SHAK Wrestling', Drew McIntyre highlighted Orton's change both in and out of the ring.

“I had never seen him so happy. He has a lot of fun working with Riddle, and he doesn't have to handle the pressure that oppressed him in the past. I think he is experiencing the best moment of his entire career”.

Former WWE star Matt Hardy also had a nice word for the Viper: “I think Randy is a terrific athlete. Those who claim that he does not work hard enough, that he is listless and that he has an arrogant attitude, know nothing about him and do not know the basics of professional wrestling.

When it comes to traditional schooling and storytelling within a match, there is no one better than Randy." During the latest episode of RAW, Riddle announced that his RK-Bro partner had back problems. He stated that The Viper is currently resting at home and that their team's future is not certain.

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