Rhea Ripley struggling with a heart problem?

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Rhea Ripley struggling with a heart problem?

In one of her latest online interventions, the former absolute champion of the main roster, Rhea Ripley wanted to confide to fans about the nature of her injury, after being absent for a few weeks, confirming that the dental problem is not completely concluded, after running to the dentist a couple of weeks ago.

In her comment, Rhea wrote: "Head/teeth. You can't see a head injury. Stop being incompetent and looking for nothing." That answer was obviously an angry response to those fans who saw her photos online and teased her by writing sentences like "You don't look not at all injured by these pictures".

Apparently, however, for the moment it seems that Rhea Ripley's physical situation is a little more serious, or at least a little more complex than fans imagined. In one of her latest online interventions, the girl claimed to be struggling with a heart monitoring machine, which usually mounts on people who have problems with arrhythmias or heart pressure.

New details on Rhea Ripley

At the moment, we do not know exactly what is gripping the female component of Judgment Day, with Rhea Ripley who after the brutal attack against Edge, has literally disappeared from the WWE television screens.

After some of her comments online, on various social networks, we initially understood how the problem could be with a concussion and now instead, with yet another comment arrived on social media, let's see how the doctors are keeping her heart under control.

That the girl has a more serious problem to watch out for? That Rhea is only doing a few routine exams before returning to the McMahon-owned company rings? At the moment we have no further clues to arrive at a solution, so we just have to wait and wait for her or the WWE to release some official press release or comment on the thing, in the hope that the athlete will be able to recover as soon as possible from his physical problem and can return to the rings of the Stamford-based federation in a short time.

Following her announcement, Belair declared that five different women - Becky Lynch, Asuka, Liv Morgan, Carmella, and Alexa Bliss - would be in a Fatal Five Way bout to determine who The EST would face at the premium live event in two weeks.

All five stars came to the ring to hype up the match - including a hilarious reference to James Ellsworth from Alexa Bliss to Carmella - before the show went to commercial break. As of this writing, the match has just started.

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