*Spoiler* Lacey Evans completes her turn heel

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*Spoiler* Lacey Evans completes her turn heel

In recent weeks, within the WWE there have been several changes that have made fans of the federation turn their heads a bit, as overnight, several athletes have been moved roster or have been aggregated to storylines that initially weren't theirs.

One of the athletes who has begun an endless round of roster changes is currently Lacey Evans, the former WWE Marine, who had returned to show her face at Friday Night Smackdown, after months of absence for her second pregnancy and then instead she had been reassigned to the red roster, without much explanation for the fans, with the athlete who should have been first a heel in the blue show, then a babyface in the red show.

Apparently, however, WWE has not been satisfied with this, moving the girl once again to the blue roster, in the last few hours, ending an endless gymnastics that fans already consider ridiculous.

Lacey Evans confirms her turn heel

During the last episode of the blue show that aired tonight on FOX networks in the US, Lacey Evans confirmed to her supporters that she is back in the ranks of heels, making a very special entrance on the scene.

The wrestler, in fact, entered several times going toward the ring, but every time she did not appreciate the response of the public towards her. Lacey Evans said she was disgusted by the audience present in the arena, which seemed to not even know what her past was as if to demand respect and recognition, which only heels in WWE want from their own public.

Initially, Lacey was supposed to pair up in a match with the young Aliyah, but at the end of the course, the dispute broke up, with the ex-marine who decided well to KO her colleague with a Women's Right, who left the wrestler lying down.

Apparently, WWE now seems to have decided to carry on her athlete as one of the top heels of the blue show, concretely confirming her turn, after weeks from babyface. The quick answer is 'yes', as the audience seems to have responded positively to her honesty.

The candidness that Evans has displayed resonates with many others who have dealt with similar experiences. They can feel her pain and admire her perseverance. This is who Lacey Evans is: Wife, mother, fighter. Survivor. Eventually, people will grow tired of these vignettes if there is no action to back them up.

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