Smackdown: A SmackDown tag team is in crisis

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Smackdown: A SmackDown tag team is in crisis

Several episodes of Friday Night SmackDown ago, three of the NXT athletes made their debut in the rings of the blue show, namely Marcel Barthel, who became Ludwig Kaiser, Gunther and Raquel Gonzalez, with the new ring name of the former NXT champion whose real name's Raquel Rodriguez.

Many have wondered why WWE wanted to move the two former talents of its third brand as a couple, then leaving Fabian Aichner at NXT alone, with WWE Universe fans who had no kind of clue to decipher this. displacement initially, but in the end, they also saw the change of gimmick of the Italian, who became Giovanni Vinci in the NXT ring.

Apparently, it appears that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has somehow managed to pick up on some possible problems for Gunther Initially, the WWE had lost some faith in the figure of Gunther, especially due to the huge weight loss the athlete had undergone, with his stage presence that apparently did not seem guaranteed.

Big surprise during SmackDown

During the last episode of SmackDown that aired this week, Ludwig Kaiser lost his match against Shinsuke Nakamura, with Gunther going on a rampage and thinking about attacking Kaiser with his devastating chops, causing him to collapse.

inexorably the colleague on the square. At the moment it seems quite clear that the two are splitting, or separating their paths on the main roster rings, with the Intercontinental champion who should therefore continue his path in the blue show alone, no longer flanked by his brave squire.

These plans were already foreseen by the Chairman of the WWE, Vince Mcmahon, who wanted Gunther to debut alone but who saw fit to first consolidate the image of the Austrian athlete, with one of his NXT wards, and then instead send him alone.

Now it seems the time has come to see him in singles, even if the future of Ludwig Kaiser seems more and more nebulous in singles at Smackdown by consociating the management of the WWE. The Tribal Chief returned to WWE SmackDown this week and kicked off the show.

He made his way to the ring with The Usos and his special counsel Paul Heyman. Roman asked the crowd to acknowledge him, and there was a mixed reaction in the audience. He pointed it out but said that it doesn't matter because business picks up when The Tribal Chief is around.