Smackdown: Liv Morgan celebrated her victory

Liv Morgan has a pretty robust fanbase on social media

by Simone Brugnoli
Smackdown: Liv Morgan celebrated her victory

We go backstage and find Liv Morgan interviewing Drew. The Scotsman says that he doesn't care who will be the champion at Clash at the Castle, he is focused only on Sheamus for the moment. Let's go back to the ring and find Max Dupri presenting the MMM 2022 Tennis Collection.

The first to go on the catwalk is… Ma.çé and, subsequently, Man… no, even here, correctly, Mån.sôör̃ (Corsivœ get your own). We proceed with the show, we go backstage and this time we find Kayla ready to interview Theory.

Mister MITB says he will be able to return to US champion at SummerSlam and that anyone standing in the Main Event of the biggest event of the summer will have to expect everything from the youngest Mister MITB in history.

Liv Morgan came out to celebrate her double victory

SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan came out next to celebrate her double victory at Money in the Bank once again. Michael Cole interviewed the champion and told her that Ronda Rousey was looking for a rematch at WWE SummerSlam.

We return to the ring and see Aliyah ready to fight but her opponent, Lacey Evans, is late in arriving. After a while, she comes out and she goes into the ring with a microphone in her hand and states that it is not right for her to be treated badly, booed, etc.

She is a veteran, she deserves respect and many other things that nobody cares about. Finally, as she leaves, Aliyah tries to change her mind but she hits her with a nice straight right. THE USOS VS THE LOTHARIOS Very briefly, there's only a little for the Mexican duo to do, The Usos execute the 1D and win the match.

WINNERS: THE USOS. In the end, Ronda locked in the Ankle Lock before transitioning into a knee bar as Natalya tapped out. Seeing veterans like Rousey and Natalya compete for the SmackDown Women’s Championship held by Liv Morgan is going to benefit the champion a lot.

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